Agreement of the Asian Biomass Association

The following agreement was approved on Mar. 19, 2007 in Tokyo. This agreement describes the fundamental position and activities of Biomass Asia Association.

Agreement of the Asian Biomass Association (Ver. 070319)

@Considering the increasing expectations from biomass, the Biomass Asia Forum adopts the following declaration for the effective utilization of Asian biomass resources.

1. This association should be known as the "Asian Biomass Association", and abbreviated as "ABA". It is a framework network based on voluntary activities and shall be a neutral and non-political association.

2. The purpose of this association is to achieve effective utilization of Asian biomass based on the Tokyo Declaration on Asian Biomass. For this purpose, the association manages its homepage and the mailing list of the members.

3. The members of the association are a person or a group from Asian countries who are interested in the purpose of this association.

4. This association has the following bodies.
Steering Committee
Management Committee
Working Groups

5. The Steering Committee is composed of representatives from Asian countries. The number of the representatives is one for a country. The representative of a country is decided by the discussion among the members of the country's nationality.

6. The Steering Committee has a Chair who is selected by election among the members of the committee. The duration of the Chairmanship is 4 years, and re-election is limited to 2 times.

7. The Steering Committee nominates members of the Management Committee.

8. The Steering Committee decides the activities of the association other than those shown above, and entrusts it to the Management Committee, and other parties. The Steering Committee decides the place of the office of the Association.

9. The Steering Committee starts and terminates the Working Groups for the activities of the association.

10. The Association Members includes personal members and group members. The joining and removal of a member needs approval by the Steering Committee. The members are classified as follows:
Industrial members (group only)
Academic, members (group and personal)
Private members (group and personal)

11. The membership fee is decided by the Steering Committee. In addition to the membership fee, the association accepts donation.

12. Any other thing needed other than stated here is decided by the Steering Committee. Amendment of this agreement requires the consent of 2/3 of the Steering Committee members.

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