Tokyo declaration on Asian Biomass

The following declaration was made at the Biomass Asia Forum held in Jan., 2006 in Tokyo.

Tokyo Declaration on Asian Biomass

@Considering the increasing expectations from biomass, the Biomass Asia Forum adopts the following declaration for the effective utilization of Asian biomass resources.

1. The renewability and carbon neutrality of biomass resources should be recognized and the utilization of biomass resources promoted.@

2. The importance of sustainability should be emphasized and reductions in carbon dioxide emissions should be emphasized when using biomass resources.

3. The contribution of biomass resources to the enhancement of Asian industry and regional economies should be recognized and appropriate measures taken to make the most of these economic effects.

4. The possibility of creating a recycling society should be discussed and appropriate measures for realizing such a society promoted when using biomass resources.

5. The effectiveness of the development and introduction of appropriate technologies in the utilization of biomass resources should be recognized and the development of related technologies through appropriate support and subsidization promoted.

6. An association to promote biomass resource utilization, composed of members from Asian countries, should be organized and should conduct self-sustaining activities.

7. Utilization of biomass resources should contribute to the improvement of conditions in all countries; thus biomass utilization that contributes to the solution of poverty, prevention of environmental damage, prevention of disease, and realization of a better quality of life should be promoted and policies for realizing such utilization pursued.

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