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The Asian Biomass Handbook
-A Guide for Biomass Production and Utilization-

Japan Institute of Energy
Editorial Committee
Chairperson: Shinya YOKOYAMA (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
Secretary: Yukihiko MATSUMUYA (Hiroshima University, Japan)

Heading Page Download (PDF)
Full text 338 pages Download (4.4 MB)
Preface, Contents 12 pages Download (82 kB)
Part 1. Benefit of biomass utilization 1-11 Download (303 kB)
Part 2. Biomass resources 12-80 Download (1.5 MB)
Part 3. Physical conversion of biomass 81-93 Download(265 kB)
Part 4. Thermochemical conversion of biomass 94-119 Download (481 kB)
Part 5. Biochemical conversion of biomass 120-143 Download (401 kB)
Part 6. System development for sustainability 144-168 Download (574 kB)
Part 7. Biomass situation in Asian countries 169-206 Download (439 kB)
Part 8. Examples for biomass utilization 207-222 Download (633 kB)
Appendix 223-326 Download (406 kB)

This handbook was a part of the outcomes of
"Support Project for Building Asian-Partnership for Environmentally Conscious Agriculture (FY2007)",
which was supported by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, Japan.

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